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    “Become the Spiffy of your circle” As an Ambassador you join our family tree and become one of the biggest advocates of SpiffyENT, its sub-companies, and all of its products & services Your role will revolve around becoming the “Spiffy” of your circle. You will support the Empire by encouraging your circle to engage with our products and services, including but not limited to - events, nightlife, apparel, and media. You will do this via word of mouth and your personal social media accounts (Your “circle” means - your friends, organization, school, state, coworkers, community, etc... Everyone’s circle is different) Your voice will significantly matter to us as you will be a direct liaison between management and our audience. We will look to your word as we brainstorm ideas and adjust according to customer feedback, trends, and “word on the street” You will kill it in this role if you…. - Have an outgoing personality (required)* - Are active on Instagram (required)* - Have good communication and networking skills (required)* - Are eager to learn and grow as a person (required)* - Are enthusiastic about enjoying life and having a good time (required)* - Maintain a positive image of yourself (required)* Other things that will help you kill it (but aren’t required)... - Currently enrolled at a College or University (or recently graduated) - Have a degree in/pursuing a degree in Marketing, Sales, or Business Admin - Have interest in social media marketing - Have a decent social following (emphasis on not required) - Are active on TikTok, Snap and/or Youtube These are not all requirements, don’t feel like you cannot apply if you don’t meet the some of things listed above APPLY NOW
    “Join the masterminds behind the content” Creative Media has been our #1 form of expression, communication, and connection to our audience. As a contributor to the creative media team, you will work closely with Spiffy and management to produce media content within your respective sector/expertise Your role will revolve around contributing new assets for the team to utilize within production for social media channels and/or the website. You will be given direction but we want you to let your creativity flourish Creative Media Sectors - Live Story Content, Video Content, Photo Content, or Blog Writing Content You will kill it in one of these roles if you… - Have a creative mind and ability to think outside of the box (required)* - Knack for bringing fresh ideas and ways to communicate with our audience (required)* - Have some videographer/cinematographer experience - Have some photography experience - Have a love for creative writing - Have a love for social media content production APPLY NOW

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