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Newport might seem like a chill little town, but it's actually packed with things to do. Whether you're a Rhode Islander or just visiting for the weekend, here are 5 things you can’t miss out on.

1. Visit the Newport Mansions

Alright, so the first thing you gotta do in Newport is check out the Newport Mansions. These things are seriously next level. They were built by some of America's richest families during the Gilded Age, and they are absolutely massive. You can take a tour of the mansions and get a taste of what life was like for the rich and famous back in the day. The Breakers mansion is the most popular one, and it's definitely worth checking out. Trust me, your Instagram feed will thank you.

2. Take a stroll along the Cliff Walk

Next up, we have the Cliff Walk. This is a 3.5-mile trail that runs along the coast of Newport, and it's seriously beautiful. You get amazing views of the ocean and the mansions that line the shoreline, and you can even bring a picnic and enjoy the scenery. It’s a must-do when you're in Newport.

3. Check out Newport’s history

History sounds boring, I know. But trust, Newport's history is actually pretty cool. There are a ton of museums and historic sites in town that are worth checking out. The Newport Historical Society offers walking tours of the town and has some sweet exhibits on Newport's history. If you're into military history, you can check out the Naval War College Museum - and for all you art lovers out there, the Newport Art Museum is a great spot to see some awesome exhibits.

4. Hit the beach

Alright, now it's time to hit the beach. Newport has some seriously gorgeous beaches that are perfect for soaking up the sun and chillin with your friends. Easton's Beach, (A.K.A First Beach) is the most popular one, and it's got all the amenities you need like restrooms, showers, and a snack bar. Second beach is cool too, makes for a good getaway from the busy First Beach. But if you really wanna lay low, find the hidden gems, Secret Beach and Rejects Beach. No matter which one you choose, you're guaranteed to have a good time.

5. Enjoy Newport's nightlife

Last but not least, we have Newport's nightlife scene. This town knows how to party, and there are plenty of bars and clubs to check out. Thames Street is the main hub for nightlife in Newport, and it's got a ton of spots that offer live music and dancing. The Newport Blues Cafe and One Pelham East are popular spots for live music, O’Brien’s Pub and Smugglers are great places to grab a drink and hang out with your friends. Just be sure to pace yourself and don’t drink and drive.

Whether you're looking to relax on the beach, explore the town's history, or enjoy some nightlife, Newport has it all. So grab your friends, and start exploring. Be sure to checkout our instagram @newport_nightlife to stay up to date with what’s happening in the City by The Sea.

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